How to Cook Bacon and Eggs in a Bag


Whenever you’re on your next camping adventure, keep this next trick in mind. Though it might need some preparation beforehand, like keeping your eggs cracked in a regular water bottle which you’ve previously frozen, cooking bacon and eggs in a paper bag will definitely impress your adventure companions. For the trick to work, you will need a lunch paper bag, an egg or two, some thick-cut bacon slices, a stick and a camp fire. Make sure though the fire pit has the fire extinguished and you just hold your bag over the hot coals. Some 5 to 7 minutes, exposing all the sides of the bag, will suffice. Watch the video to find out what the precise steps are – even though you might guess them. It’s that simple! The bacon and eggs in a paper bag is also helpful when you didn’t pack plenty of food or cooking tools. Enjoy, it’s probably tastier than on a cooker!

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  1. Karen Joyce says:

    Do you cook the bacon and the egg? She appeared to only have egg in her bag.

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