How to Create Newspaper Pots for Seed-Starting


Do you wish to grow your own garden? If costs of materials are stopping you fulfill this desire, learn that you can save some money on alternative pots and do good to the environment in the process! We present to you the newspaper pots for seed starting. This clever little technique is the best when it comes to starter seeds. Because the material is biodegradable, the plants can go directly in the soil after they’ve grown from seeds. So you don’t pay as much on pots and also have less work of transporting the starter plant after they grow. It’s a win-win situation so don’t postpone the decision for too long. Check out this photo tutorial to see exactly the procedure and replicate it in your own home. You’re guaranteed to have a nice and environmentally-friendly garden.







8 Responses to “How to Create Newspaper Pots for Seed-Starting”

  1. Vasudha s says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very much needed

  2. Mike says:

    use a coffee cup or styrofoam cup to get a taper on your paper cup so you can stack them and have some always on the ready.

  3. Stephen Edward says:

    Cool! Thanks!!!

  4. Tina says:

    And what about the toxins in the ink?

  5. Joanne says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing. Ill look forward to a response.

  6. Bugsqueak says:

    Most inks today are soy based so no harm to the ground.

  7. Charlotte Shoopman says:

    Ink in most newsprint is soy based do will not hurt you lead ink is a thing of the past

  8. Marilyn Jorgenson. says:

    The ink is OK, just don’t use the color pages.

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