How to Create Newspaper Pots for Seed-Starting




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If you love gardening, you know how annoying it is when weeds begin overpowering your yard. Well, there’s a very clever solution to this problem…


Weeds cannot grow through the newspaper, and the decomposing paper feeds your soil. Best gardening tip I ever got!



8 Responses to “How to Create Newspaper Pots for Seed-Starting”

  1. Vasudha s says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very much needed

  2. Mike says:

    use a coffee cup or styrofoam cup to get a taper on your paper cup so you can stack them and have some always on the ready.

  3. Stephen Edward says:

    Cool! Thanks!!!

  4. Tina says:

    And what about the toxins in the ink?

  5. Joanne says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing. Ill look forward to a response.

  6. Bugsqueak says:

    Most inks today are soy based so no harm to the ground.

  7. Charlotte Shoopman says:

    Ink in most newsprint is soy based do will not hurt you lead ink is a thing of the past

  8. Marilyn Jorgenson. says:

    The ink is OK, just don’t use the color pages.

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