How to Customize A Root Cellar Storage


With root cellars registering a comeback, due mainly to the growing importance people give to the quality of their vegetables and fruit, especially home-grown ones, you will need a good working system of organizing it. The following DIY storage project will provide the much awaited freshness and accessibility of your produce. In order to turn this idea into reality, you will need some plywood and pine, screws and nails, and a blueprint of the entire cellar. Customizing the room according to your needs will let you use the spare space in the best possible way. The drawers, bin and shelves include some clever opening facilities, like the ventilated areas or the partially opening mechanism. If you decide to make this kind of project for your home, the finished root cellar storage should look as smooth as the one in the images. Read the entire list of required materials and follow the instructions provided in order to turn your ordinary root cellar in a highly-useful cellar!


Root Cellar Storage – Instructions

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