How To Cut Onions Without Crying


There is an ingredient in everyone’s kitchen that can cause unpleasant moments and bring tears to your eyes. It’s called the onion, as you probably already suspected and cutting it can be a real nightmare. But there is a great trick that you can try and it will make cutting an onion much easier and tear-free. The idea is to get rid of the onion’s part which causes tearing and eliminates the unpleasant vapors. This part is the root and it has to be removed right away, so you can cut the onions in peace and with a clear vision. To find out how to remove the root without creating a mess or cutting yourself, you should watch this next video presentation. Then don’t forget to share this idea with everyone who just hates cutting onions, but loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen.


2 Responses to “How To Cut Onions Without Crying”

  1. Ken says:

    Use a sharp knife and you will never have a problem. Easy Peasy.

    • jamie says:

      not even a little bit true, its the juices that spray out when you’re cutting, sharp knife or not, they are going to spray.
      Freezing them for an hour first works will, less spray when the juice is frozen.

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