How to Easily Build A Hot Bed Out Of Recycled Glass Bottles


Wine isn’t just great for socializing; it’s also useful for your garden! Well, at least the wine bottles are, like this next solar heated garden bed project will prove. Making a DIY project of this complexity doesn’t require some special skills. With a bit of patience (those wine bottles aren’t going to empty themselves), building a solar heated garden bed with recycled wine bottles will come with many benefits! Besides providing much needed warmth to some of your crops, you also keep nature safe by recycling bottles in an innovative way. Go through the tutorial to learn all the steps necessary in order to make a highly creative recycled wine bottle solar heated garden bed.


Follow these steps:

  • collect bottles (wine, beer or soda) that is the fun part!
  • place in an area for raised bed(s)
  • concrete the necks, one row at a time – leaving the necks open for air movement (we used half cobb in this mixture)
  • stack at least 3 bottles high
  • fill with good growing soi
  • plant inside of the raised bed a plant that thrives off of heat (peppers, tomatoes, melons, etc)

more info in the link below…

Recycled Wine Bottle Solar Garden Bed – N.W Bloom

5 Responses to “How to Easily Build A Hot Bed Out Of Recycled Glass Bottles”

  1. jim says:

    water will infiltrate bottles, which will crack in freezing weather

  2. Pankaj Jai says:

    Very innovative ideas

  3. Katheryn Melton says:

    Fabulous Find For All Creative Minds

  4. Niles says:

    Could try tilting the bottles so water wouldn’t travel up the neck where there is risk of water freezing. Though not as aesthetically pleasing, one could also use plastic bottles, or aluminum bottles if so inclined.

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