How To Easily Clean a Cast Iron Skillet


Cast iron skillets are a great investment, as they will last for a long period and will help you cook some delicious meals. But everyone who owns a cast iron skillet knows that it has one downside: cleaning them can be a real nightmare. Unless, you know the right technique and have a magical cleaning product. We are here to tell you that both are real and ready to be shared with the world. So if you have a really nasty and bad-looking iron cast skillet, you can easily clean it with 2 ingredients: salt and oil. These 2 ingredients will practically exfoliate the grease and dirt from your skillet and will make it look better than it ever was. You can use any type of oil you want, just make sure the skillet is completely dry and warm when adding the mixture. To learn more about this really cool iron cast skillet cleaning trick, please visit the link below provided by Jillee.




How To Easily Clean & Care For Your Cast Iron –¬†One Good Thing by Jillee

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