How to Easily Grow 17 Plants on One Square Foot of Land


You would think you need a lot of land if you’re going into gardening, but truth be told there are ways you can grow plants and not use a lot of space for this. The solution suggested here is one example. Read the tutorial and find out how to grow 17 plants on 1 square foot of land. For the DIY project you will require 8 pieces of 4-inch long PVC pipes, a 1-1/2 inch hole saw, some potting soil and seedlings or greens. Also, you might consider using newspaper inside in order to prevent the loose soil and work easier with the seedlings. In terms of efficiency, a 2-inch PVC, drilled with holes, added to the center of the pipe tower makes watering much easier. Check out the instructions and prove to everybody you can be a great gardener with little space.


17 Plants On One Square Foot Of Land – Instructions

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  1. Carlyn Lister says:

    Good idea for a small space.

  2. Cherrie Mckinstry says:

    Food security involves everyone. It doesn’t mean affording a bunch of food bought to fill the fridge but to be able to make or grow food at any time.

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