How To Easily Make Paper Butterflies


In the heat of the summer, a cozy and cool room can be the perfect hideout from the high temperatures. To make your room look more like the colorful summer outside, you can try this cute paper butterflies project. First you will have to draw the silhouette of a folded butterfly on a piece of cardboard. If drawing is not your strongest asset, search for a ready-made butterfly pattern. Use black to paint the base of your butterfly, then use another color to make the details. Make sure you use at least 3 different colors, so the details will really stand out. Once you decorated each part of the folded butterfly, unfold them and add double-sided tape on its back. Make an entire set of colorful butterflies and decorate your walls, windows or furniture with them (more details in the link below) . They will make a beautiful and elegant decor element.

DIY Paper Butterflies by Agus Yornet

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