How To Fill 100 Water Balloons In ONE MINUTE


Having fun during summer almost surely will include a splashing with water balloons. Easy to come up during parties or barbecues, they could still be something avoidable mainly because of the preparation time involved. People don’t want to work, not even a little before they have fun. Luckily for water balloons, Josh Malone has found a way to make the fun of playing with water balloons instant! He invented a device called Bunch O Balloons which removes the hassle that came with attaching the hose the balloons and the struggle included to tie-up each. With this device your party could benefit for up to 100 water balloons in a matter of minutes. Check out the pictures to see the result you are seeking. Now, the splashing may commence! That’s what we call real fun.







How To Fill 100 Water Balloons In ONE MINUTE – Kickstarter

10 Responses to “How To Fill 100 Water Balloons In ONE MINUTE”

  1. Thanh Haubert says:


  2. Jamie says:

    The last thing this planet needs is more single use plastic trash. These are an environmental hazard. Even if they are latex, it takes years for them to degrade, and they can do plenty of damage in the meantime. These are in no way good home design, or good toys for children.

  3. Marie Masker says:

    where can u buy this

  4. Jess says:

    Genius! Now to make this guy rich !

  5. Sig says:

    You can’t buy them yet, they’re seeking money to start the business.

  6. Nikki says:

    They already have these for sale, a company makes these already.

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