How To Get Rid Of “Popcorn Ceilings” With This Unique Machine


Are you searching for an improvement in your home interior design? The next simple trick will upgrade the look of your ceiling in a few easy steps. It may be possible that the ceiling of your house has a style which was popular back in 1950. This entailed a bumpy drywall that resembles popcorn in a way. Well, in the next video, you will see how to change your `popcorn ceiling` right away.

“Understand the video was put on my small business page for my customers who asked to see. It was not narrated or made as a tutorial. Somehow ( not by my doing) the 28 second video of me working went viral and in 12 hours had 3.5 million views. I’m honoured but overwhelmed with messages and phone calls from across north America. Did not post it to start a debate on who’s method is better. The machine weighs 8.5lbs. I’m 6′ 250lbs and have been running it since 2008. Its not a DIY tool. You don’t need to go to the gym after you sand a cieling. As for asbestos I wet. Sample and have tested. I’ve yet to have one come back positive.” Chopper’s Drywall

The machine is a Porter Cable Dustless Drywall sander (discount 46%)


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