How to Grow 10 Foot Tall Tomato Plants In Straw Bales


Growing tomatoes can be so much fun and not to mention the amazing taste of home grown products. If you want to go pro with growing tomatoes, you should try growing them in straw bales. This is a very unconventional technique, but straw bales can be an optimum growing environment for tomatoes. This way you can even grow 10 foot tall tomato plants that will taste fresh all year round. You just need to prepare the soil for the plant and have enough space in your garden in order to organize the straw bales. The following video contains “a¬†short tour of my straw bale garden, here in Bonsall, CA, in north San Diego county.” and also a lot of useful information on this matter and there are helpful pictures that will guide you through the planting and growing process. Make sure to follow the advices and you will have beautiful and tasty tomatoes right in your garden.






  • Josie Jensen on said:

    Just wanting to know how you place the soil in the hay bale? Is it just placed on top or do you remove some of the hey by cutting it with a sharp knife ?

  • Hi to answer your soil question. I bought a book called draw bale gardening. It give you step by step how to cure your bales. The during process is what prepares the bale for planting. Combination of nitrogen fertilisers and good garden soil, watering sun and a couple weeks to start the break down and mulching of the bale. Once you can stick your hand in the bale and feel the warmth the plants and seeds are ready to grow in the bales. I did this for the first time this year and has an amazing tomatoe crop, squash pumpkins beans, peppers basil onions gourds. I canned dehydrated froze and ate , shared and still had produce abundance I could not keep uip with amazing and ow as the garden is done. The bales a re broke down to mulch a few plants Still producing another month I will be recycling for a winter crop of greens in Sylmar california. Highly recommend this garden method and co.panion garden as well… as the bales can support a lot fun to.. flowers herbs, root crops with other crops. Looking forward to next springs planting.

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