How To Grow 168 Plants In A 6 X 10 Space With A DIY A-Frame Hydroponic System

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    • Noel on said:

      I would imagine that something like the masterblend fertilizer would work, it works in the Dutch buckets. The downfall to this pvc pipe system would be having to depend on a pump to be on all the time, in the event of a pump failure that standing water in the tubes would be used up quickly, but that is a concern for any hydroponic garden, pump burns out and nobody catches it and your done, with out any kind of an alarm or somethin, except for a wicking type of setup, like those Alaska buckets that also look like a good set up, At least with the buckets with media, you got the 1″ of saturated media to act as a buffer when at 1:00 that pump never turns on, hope I never have to put that to the test. How ever the s/d pipe is a good idea that I might try inside when winter comes.

      • JR Bailey on said:

        Burned out pump could be a problem, but a decent software program could help with notification, and as far as power outage, a simply portable el cheapo solar system could be hooked in quite easily and cheaply (Harbour Freight variety)…….

        • Mike on said:

          The only problem I see with Harbor Freight products is that Harbor Freight is notorious for selling JUNK.Just saying.

      • Anonymous Coward on said:

        Use a cluster of several small pumps – like aquarium pumps, for example, which are specifically built for running forever for years. Chances of all failing at the same time are slim.

        The power of many 🙂

  • Any reason not to drain the higher horizontal grow pipes into the lower horizontal grow pipes and just return the lowest grow pipe to your reservoir? Seems like it would reduce the amount of fittings and labor for construction

  • Jürgen on said:

    Al, remember your root zone needs to stay below 65 degrees to prevent root rot. First, I see no cooling mechanism in this system. Secondly, if you were to drain tier to tier, the tiers would get progressively warmer thru every tier. This design does allow for much more even temperatures.

    • Anonymous Coward on said:

      I imagine anything. Only, you will never in a thousand years be able to compose a fertilizer solution as complete and as balanced and having every distinct kind of nutrient needed for growing the plants. That’s why tomatoes from Holland, while excellent in shape, have a taste not even remotely resembling that of tomatoes from Italy, where they grow in soil. Which is why expect even herbs to be less fragrant than the equivalent grown in soil. It looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, but is a pale shadow of a duck …

  • MUSAED ALSHATTI on said:

    dear sir or madam
    your design for vertical hydroponic To Grow 168 Plants In A 6 X 10 Space With A DIY A-Frame Hydroponic System. is very nice how can i get the design thank you…….. MR MUSAED AL SHATTI

  • if cooling is needed burying the tank. In most areas, the soil will be below 65 degrees at 1 foot deep. An 18 inch tank would buried to 16 inches would do fine. It also helps on cool nights as the water temperature will remain higher than the ambient air.

  • Padmore Clarke on said:

    Hi Sir/ madam,
    My name is Padmore Clarke and am from Trinidad and Tobago, I will like to know if an a frame should be turned east west or north south. Best regards

    Padmore Clarke

  • Having already tested something similar and on smaller scale, one of the problems I ran into was that my drainage pipes would clog with roots leading to the longer/larger grow tubes overflowing. Haven’t you run into this problem? I notice all the plants in the pictures are just babies. Also, what about structural support for the plants? And what varieties of plants have you actually grown into adulthood? I’m very attracted to the idea, but I think there are might be some problems to troubleshoot.

    • On following pages, I see full sized basil plants. I am curious what did not mean by smaller scale. Was it just one tube, or smaller tubes?

    • Anonymous Coward on said:

      I would imagine it depends on two factors: the ratio of the pipe diameter and the kind of plant (not all herbs/plants grow equally large) and the concentration of the fertilizing solution – the less concentrated, the larger roots plants will grow, to be able to harvest all the nutrients they need, but also, beyond a maximum concentration, which again probably depends on the plant, roots will be chemically burned by the fertilizing solution.

  • Henry Fischer on said:

    great idea… do u have the specs or plans oh the “A” frame.. would appreciate it very much.. i live in so florida.. i have a “winter garden” pots and raised bed.. i would like to add this to my garden.. hope u can help

    Thank You..

    Henry Fischer
    [email protected]

  • Does this require NFS21 pipe or just pvc work? Im wondering about leeching chemicals into the plant from glue and pipe itself as PVC isn’t rated for potable water

  • How do you keep rain water from diluting the fertilizer mixture returning to the pump? Other than that, this is a great system.

  • Nice photos weak on specifics where is the instructional videos? DL the app and its like running the gauntlet to avoid advert and no results at the end 🙁 dissapointm,ent ty

  • Charles Cardaronella on said:

    Looks like a great system for hydo strawberries etc. !? I would be interested n plans also in a 6×10 frame also!

  • Frank M Venegas on said:

    I got a clear picture on building this; however I need the specifications on the drain pipe to the reservoir and from the pump to each one off the 3″ pipe

  • David D Belin on said:

    That is a great looking system and I appreciate you sharing it. I am new to hydroponics and want to try doing it this year.

  • Jeff on said:

    I would like to get the plans (blue print) for this a-frame system to try out with my students. Please send them to me through email. Thanks

  • Jeff on said:

    I would like to get the plans for this a-frame hydroponic system. This looks like a great project for the students in my science class to build for the spring. Thanks.

  • Frazier Robin on said:

    LASCO 13-1872 Plastic J-Hook Pipe Hanger for Plastic DWV Pipe, 2-Inch Sell for $5.00 each

    2” pvc pipe clamps will work just as well and a tot cheaper.

  • Darren on said:

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  • Michelle Berray on said:

    I also am looking for actual plans for my students to build from. If you are willing can you please send me the plans.

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