How To Grow Cucamelons


This may be the first time you hear about cucamelons, but don’t be ashamed as they are not widely known. So to elucidate the mystery, cucamelons are small fruits, that resemble watermelons, but when you taste them they will remind you of cucumbers and maybe lime. If you want something as special as these in your garden, there are some great tips when it comes to growing them on your own. First of all, when it comes to growing cucamelons, you should treat them the same way as you would do with cucumbers as they have the same properties. Plant their seed in spring and take them outdoor when it is hot outside. Make sure to water them regularly and collect them when they will have the size of a grape. As you can see, growing cucamelons in your own garden is a pretty simple process, so you’ll only need some basic gardening knowledge. You can eat them with olives or just olive oil and they will be a nice touch to a fresh summer salad.




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5 Responses to “How To Grow Cucamelons”

  1. Eric says:

    Where can you get the seeds for cucamelons from

    • Michele says:

      I got my seeds at Johnny’s Seed Catalog. They also have them at Page Seed company. You can order them on line.

  2. Sharon Frohwein says:

    i had them last year. They are yummy.

  3. Scarlett Walker says:

    Where can I get cucamelon seeds!

  4. Jonah kimpok says:

    Interesting I will like to try it

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