How to Grow Hyacinth: The Hyacinth mixture is gorgeous!


This Hyacinth mixture is just gorgeous! A beautiful blend of pastel colors and they smell terrific. Numerous small flowers (florets) on one stem. All the Hyacinths in this mix are fragrant. A must have in every spring landscape. Hardy Zones 2-10. Mature Height: 10-12″. There are a easy way for the gardener to grow hyacinths. The first is to grow them in a pot, and trick them into coming into flower earlier. It’s not complicated. You plant the great big, specially heat-treated bulbs – which encourages bud formation – in a very gritty, free-draining compost in October, leaving a third of the bulb above the soil (although I then mulch them generously with grit to ensure no moisture sits on the surface to rot the bulbs) and put them into a dark, cool place for at least six weeks.

Hyacinth bulbs are planted in the fall and borne in spring… see more here …






Hyacinth Bulbs Plant


Hyacinth Mix – 12 Bulbs – Beautiful Colors! (here)

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