How To Grow Roses From Cuttings


We all want to have beautiful homes and gardens. People do lots of things to improve the interior design of their houses as well as the look of their yards. There are sorts of tricks people could use, and the chemical industry has a lot of them. But you have to work with nature in the challenge to grow plants, not against it. The truth is it isn’t that hard grow some new roses from cuttings. We will show you a method that has proven very effective. Here are the items you will need for this DIY project:

• sharp knife;
• pruners;
• 2L plastic bottle;
• a plastic half-gallon jug;
• rooting hormone;
• perlite;
• spagnum (not peat);


Cut both the jug and the PET bottle according to the lines shown in the image. Then create a miniature green house with the bottom of the jug as the base and the plastic bottle as the top.  Read all details in the link below…







HardwoodRoses – Rooting Roses

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