How To Make A Chicken Coop With Pallets


You know how people say pallets are the most popular building material right now? It’s proven you can use them for almost anything and they’re not even limited to the design world of hipsters. Like you can clearly see from the photos here, pallets make an excellent material for making a usual chicken coop. So, you can take advantage of the recycling of pallets you see being written for such a long time on websites and in magazines, and worry only about attaching the other pieces, like the hardware cloth, to the structure you built with the disassembled pieces of pallets. Learn how to make an entire hen house by following the step-by-step tutorial on this video tutorial. And if you still didn’t make a home for your chickens, you should get right to it, they deserve it. Good luck on your DIY project! If you’re satisfied with the result, make sure you share your work with the rest of the DIY community.






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  1. A. Gardner says:

    The video isn’t even in English, need a tutorial in English.

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