How to Make a Flower Tower: Space-Saving Decoration For Garden And Terrace


This simple project is a beautiful, space-saving idea that would add an interesting touch to any garden and terrace. If you have a small terrace or garden, then you can organize your plants on a vertical, rather than a horizontal plan, to save a lot of space. The materials you’ll need for this project are: 1m wire with 5 × 10 cm openings, garden fleece, black cable ties, large flower pot, garden shovel and shears. Start by forming your wire into a cylinder shape to create the structure for the flower pot (you can use a slightly smaller pot as a guide). Make sure you wear gloves, not to hurt yourself during this step. Then continue to build your flower tubes. Check out the image instructions and learn how to make this amazingly beautiful flowers tower.


1m wire with 5 × 10 cm openings
garden fleece
black cable tie
large flower pot
Utility knife
garden shovel




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