How to Make a Fridge Root Cellar


A root cellar is the perfect solution if you have a lot of extra vegetables in your home throughout the year. If you’re not the kind of person which likes to keep canned goods, the root cellar is definitely the way to go. But what’s the best way you could make a root cellar and not spend a lot of money on it? Concrete blocks and wood which are commonly used to build this are not that cheap. Instead, an old refrigerator can be repurposed so creatively. There is some digging involved though. Make sure you make a bit of space around it in order to install some ventilation. Also some PVC pipes must be put inside the refrigerator so more air can circulated once the root cellar is finished. There is a lot of work with this project, but you save some money in the process and keep your vegetables fresh. Watch the video for further instructions and see how the project unfolds from start to finish.



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