How to make a Pallet Swing


A swing isn’t just the object in which children have a lot of fun. The next DIY project shows that adults can have a relaxing time on swings. The only difference is that the type of swing featured here is one that also makes the garden look good and allows grown-ups to feel great in their yard. The large swing you see in the pictures is made out of pallets. The DIY work is not a lot but you can book a weekend for implementing the proper steps. By the end, you should have a wonderful and efficient swing like the one shown on this webpage. Grab the materials required for the project, roll up your sleeves and follow the step by step tutorial in order to make your own pallet swing.


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  1. Annette says:

    I would like the instruction for the Pallette Swing. Please send me the instructions to my email address provided above.

    Thank You

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