How To Make A Teddy Bear From Old Jeans


All those animal toys from the store seem to be complex, with entire factories behind the manufacturing process. Truth is you could achieve the same (or even a better) result with some guidance from the DIY community. Making a teddy bear from old jeans will not take much of your spare time and won’t cost you a lot, because you can recycle some fabric or denim you have just lying around your home.Kids will definitely love the result and you will become a real hero when the discovery of who’s really behind the manufacturing process will be made. Opting for a DIY solution like this one will also give you the freedom to decorate the toy in every way you like, adding buttons, ribbons or any other embellishment to the teddy bear. Follow the sewing instructions, do the proper stuffing and the toy will look like it came off the store shelves!










  • I have just downloaded the pattern for the denim jeans teddy bear is there any chance we could have the instructions in English so we can understand the pattern. I can see the legs, arms and ears on the pattern but unsure which part is suppose to be the head and the body. Any help would be appreciated as really would like to make this for my Grandson which is due in a few weeks time. Thank you

  • Captain Obvious on said:

    It’s really not that hard…..

    On the right is the arms and legs.
    The left is the cheeks and body.
    The long strip goes from the nose, up the forehead and splits all the way down the back of the head.
    The cheeks are sewn to eachother from the nose to the mouth.
    You sew each part with the right side of fabrics facing in then flip right side out. Stuff and stitch it all together.

    It always baffles me how some people see another language and their mind just shuts off. I didn’t need to read anything to understand it. They did the hard part plotting out the shapes. All you need to do is put them together.

    For the lady wanting plaid, they were tricky!!! They didn’t show that version here; but you can cut the ends of the feet straight off and sew in a circle at the end of plaid. Then for the ears, trace one side of each ear in plaid so you have one side solid one side plaid for each ear.

    Good luck guys!

    • Joyful on said:

      Hi Captain Obvious
      Wow!! It’s 2020 now and you are still live and well (I hope) on YouTube. I’ve been looking down this long list of comments (I really need to get a life hey!! .. but some are so comical shall we say… lol) …
      You went to a lot of trouble to print these instructions for everyone to see .. but I don’t see a “Thank You – I’ll give it a go” anywhere. So I’ll say it …. Thank You very much for your time and effort and your help in advising others how to sew up this cute bear.
      After all these years have passed I do hope that you have been Thanked by others as well.
      No I’m not sewing up the Bear as I have my own patterns that I will use that are nearly identical to this one …. Just thought you needed to be Thanked. 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the pattern…was going to buy one but I’ve been sewing long enough that I can interpret the pictures…..looks fairly straight forward. Thanks again…

  • Brandy on said:

    Seriously. You are not intelligent enough to look at the pattern and shapes and figure it out. You could also translate it for yourself word by word. Have you heard of Google??? Smh. At least the pattern was shared.

  • lorraine bertrand on said:

    hello i am french iI want to participate at your contest but I dont remember whath website means but I will submit my name thanks you

  • Kraftyvada on said:

    If you are a novice sewer, I would check you tube. There are many bear patterns out there that you could see to identify pieces. Search memorial bear patterns.

  • Jo Ann on said:

    Looking at the pattern and the denim bear, they don’t match. I love the bear made from jeans but the pattern has different body parts. Does anyone know where we can get the actual pattern for the denim bear?

    • Karen on said:

      Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that they aren’t the same, I thought I was looking at it wrong. All the proportions and angles of the limbs are different. Seems a cute bear, but not the same one.

    • Hi,
      If you’re talking about the bear with the leather on it’s belly, I’ve searched for hours on the internet to find a pattern. We can see these pictures in many sites but no matching pattern. What I did is use the picture where you can see the different pieces that have been cut out . I printed it and used the different pieces as a pattern (and all the seem allowances are already in it youhouh! 😀 )
      It worked pretty well. My bear looks a lot like the finished one in the photos. Really cute

  • Just Another Sewer on said:

    Any teddy bear pattern can be adapted to use denim instead of fur. It all depends on the what look you are trying to achieve. Though a pattern originally meant to be made with mohair will likely be your best bet. Since mohair has a woven backing, there isn’t as much give as a faux fur with a knit backing.

    The important thing to keep in mind when creating with jeans is the placement of the seams, pockets, etc. Play around with the placement of the pattern pieces.

    Another alternative is to put the pattern onto muslin and then piece the denim or shirt fabric over the top of it, (think crazy quilt)

    If all of this sounds a bit much, then I would suggest getting some practice and starting with a simple bear. Get to know how the shape of the pattern affects the outcome, this way you can make a better informed decision on how to use your denim and plaid shirts effectively. Remember, DIY is making use of your ingenuity.

  • I just wondered if anybody had managed to track down the pattern for the denim bears in the first picture above ( with contrast on feet and bent arms) as I really would like this pattern. I sew a little but am not experienced enough to adapt a pattern. I much prefer the shape of that bear. I hope someone has found it and could post a link, Thanks.

  • Please cut does not match finished teddy bear. The head is too narrow and high and are not darts her ears. As I look at head-tailored looks like a surikata.

  • If you can find someone to put the description in English, you can have them put the pattern in English. It’s not that you don’t know English,or some k need at least knows… the details are Ll good until you get to the pattern,and it’s a huge letdown. We shouldn’t have to “figure” it out. Just sAying.. you would get a much greater support following..

  • Deborah Crichton on said:

    Please my I have a pattern. I would like to try constructing the bear with the shirt collar incorporated in the design.

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