How To Make A Trip Wire Alarm System

Have you ever thought about making an alarm when going camping or just to have one in case of emergency? Making a trip wire alarm system is easier than it seems at a first glance and it will notify you in case there is an emergency or an intruder near you. You will need to have a trigger, which will be made out of a wire, fishing line or twine. But when it comes to the mechanism, you have several variations. The most handy one would be to use a battery, so when the alarm is activated a spark would be made and the battery will burn the wires. To learn more about this mechanism and how to make it, check out the video tutorial from the VIDEO below and start building your very own trip wire alarm.



31 Responses to “How To Make A Trip Wire Alarm System”

  1. EdSmelly says:

    Let’s start a fire out in the woods. What a good idea!

    • CHERYL says:

      I agree!!!

    • AQASPRT says:

      It is a little odd, in concept a mini piezo alarm would be my suggestion. The alarms for their size are quite loud and noticeable and would work with a low voltage battery. Not sure what a small flame will accomplish or how it could get someone’s attention immediately.

    • Rich says:

      No kidding.
      Need to connect that to a stick of dynamite to be effective.

  2. Z says:

    What is the red flammable substance comprised of?

  3. Cathy says:

    How is that any type of alarm? …other than setting the tree on fire?

    • Sean McNatt says:

      you can hook them up to little scream alarms and LED lights. I
      think they were just trying to show that it works.

    • mc says:

      Think of it as a simple switch. In this very simple example, when the card is pulled out of the slot, the 2 unexposed metallic contacts that are wired and soldered to the battery can physically make contact with each other, therefore closing the simple circuit. This low voltage “switch” can activate just about anything you can think of… an audible alarm, light, stereo system….and in the case of the bad guys, even an IED. Anymore questions?

    • Rod says:

      Can be used to ignite fire cracker etc.

  4. Thomas says:

    My guess is you tie a firecracker to it? Idk

  5. zac says:

    I suppose you could use it inside a soup can with a firecracker tied to it so you might hear it

  6. wanda says:

    Don’t get it….how does the alarm sound off ?

  7. L says:

    Absolutely the worst idea I’ve seen…ever. I admin a hiking safety and survival group and there is no way this has any benefit. I also live in the rural semi-arid part of Washington State and instead of protecting, it could cause great harm as an incendiary device tripped by the unsuspecting. Please take this “suggestion” down – it is not appropriate.

  8. Mitchell says:

    Exactly! Great way to burn the woods down, kids!

  9. Mark says:

    A Loud Buzzer or Bright Flashing Light up high and visible would be better.

  10. Mike says:

    You know there are trespassers when the woods are on fire.

  11. Andrew says:

    By gone tech from the jungles of Vietnam. Things that go boom. Simple is sometimes best.

  12. MIKE MEINDERS says:

    All I can see is a great way to start a forest fire !
    There is no ALARM just a fire starter for some Pyromaniac.
    We have enough trouble with forest fires already.

  13. Travis says:

    A Double A battery cannot power a stereo system. It has barely enough amperage to power an LED or a small 1″ alarm speaker like those on a Kohler generator

  14. Steve says:

    The small electrically activated charge is used to detonate a larger charge. Duh.

  15. Joe says:

    Are you people really that stupid? You are not going to set the tree on fire. You can modify the circuit to turn on a light, siren, or whatever you want.

    You are all so dumb.

  16. C. Springer says:

    The red mixture is the tips of match head that has been ground up and mixed with rubbing alcohol to make a paste that dries when the alcohol evaporatea

  17. Billy says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense if instead of a fire , a bell , alarm or something that make noise

  18. John says:

    The point of the fire is more for ambush awareness or trespassers when you are away from your camp. The burn happens too quickly to start a fire and it’s irreversible, so you can’t silence it once it goes off. The audible alarm is more for night time when you are sleeping in your tent.

  19. John says:

    Have you ever successfully started a fire with a match in three seconds without an ignition fuel to assist? I’ve started enough fires in my years as a rustic camper. And even in the driest of conditions I’ve never seen a fire start in three seconds, especially on the side of a tree, off the ground.

    That’s a trespass alarm. It’s intended to let you know if someone has been on your site while you were away. It also lets you know to beware approaching your campsite in case of an ambush by bad guys. Yes, bad people do harm others in the woods.

  20. John says:

    It seems that the concept of camp site security is not understood by many responders. This is a trespass alarm, it’s intended to make an irreversible alarm that allows you to know that someone or something (Sasquatch maybe) has come through your camp site. Unlike the audible alarm, for when you are sleeping, this one is for when you go on your hikes away from camp.

    The fire burns out far to quickly to be a real threat, especially since it’s off the ground and out in mid air.

    The title should be switched to “Trespass Alarm”

  21. L. Wyer says:

    Don’t you have enough common sense to know if you are under fire restrictions or if there’s a fire hazard. That’s why the band roadrunner and Wiley Coyote. Because of people like that.

  22. DMan says:

    So what? Overall a dumb idea to me.

  23. Dougdes says:

    Trip wire attached to flash bangs. It will not only scare the hell out of the intrider, but it will let you know exactly where they are. And no worries of causing

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