How To Make Candy Apples


Candy apples are a treat that reminds us of holidays, like Halloween or Christmas. But why wait for a special occasion, when you can have candy apples any day? You just need to have a nice recipe form them and you can make candy apples any day, this way making each day a special one. However, keep in mind that everything that comes in large quantities tends to be unhealthy, so don’t exaggerate with this desert. The very amazing thing about candy apples is that you can make them in several ways and combine different flavors according to your preferences. For example you can make the basic and traditional candy apples, but you can also try other recipes. Try the caramel apples, that are rolled in caramel and then in nuts or almonds. You can also make more special candy apples, such as the gourmet ones, that are a mixture of several “guilty pleasure” ingredients, such as chocolate, caramel and almonds. You can always go with one of the most simple and obvious choices: chocolate. Roll the apples in melted chocolate and add coconut or almonds to the bottom of the apple. Take a look at the 8 videos below for more exquisite candy apple recipes!

1. How to make candy apples by Jolene Sugarbaker

2. How to Make Perfect Candy Apples by Jennifer Martello

3. Candy / Chocolate / Caramel Apples by Celis Karla

4. Neon Pink Candy Apples Tutorial by Sweet Haute





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