How to Make Colorful Skeleton Leaves


Autumn is a great season which can inspire you to create impressive things in and around your home. To capture all of the energy of nature before it begins to rot and die away, you can use a simple DIY project to keep them supplying some inspiration into your home. Making some skeleton leaves will keep intact the interesting texture while also giving them a nice color. For this project to be successful you will only need some food coloring, baking soda, a thin brush and -of course- leaves. The process is quite simple. The trickiest part is to be patient and have a steady hand. That’s because after you cook the baking soda covered leaves (1 teaspoon for 1 liter) in a pot for 20 – 30 minutes, you have to brush away the soda and moisture excess as well as the flesh off the skeleton, leaving only the thin layer of the leaf. You can place them under some books afterward, to make them smoother. For the color, add the food coloring to some water and slowly lower the leaves in it. Pat them dry and your done!.. But for more details check out the link below..









How to Make Colorful Skeleton Leaves.. steps..



  • Maureen on said:

    Could someone tell me why every time I try to Pin this site I get a message saying it is blocked
    because it may lead to inappropriate content. Thank you

  • Bonnie Banks on said:

    Please post to your DIY Pinterest board? I wanted to do so but I can’t. 🙁 For some reason it keeps blocking the whole site! Sheesh! I LOVE the skeleton leaves and want to keep this idea at hand. Thanks!

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