How to Make Cookie Shot Glasses


Do you remember about Cookie Cup by Enrique Luis Sardi and Lavazza ? .. Cookie shot glasses it’s in the same category.Sometimes, drinking makes you want to grab a bite as well. The traditional beer and chips are something you might choose at a pub party, but what about a home event or a stylish cocktail party? You can’t have messy chips alongside beer. Instead, you can impress everyone with some homemade drinking edible glasses! That’s right, you will make a bunch of shot glasses out of cookie dough that can be eaten after filling them with liquor. Not to mention a DIY solution like this will make you not having to wash and clean shot glasses sticky with alcohol. Just drink up and eat. Awesome! Make sure you have some flour, vanilla extract, butter, sugar, salt, some eggs and -why not- chocolate chips; only then proceed to the actual baking process. Follow the recipe and your delicious cookie shot glasses will be done in no time. Have fun and enjoy!



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