How To Make Grated Candles


Make your décor look more colorful with a simple and creative DIY project. The solution to improving the interior design of your living or bedroom lies in a couple of items you might already have in your home: wax candles and a grater. Usually, candles can be bought in a lot of colors from the store. But they aren’t mixed in a unique and impressive pattern, so it’s up to you to do this creative task. It’s for the better, because you are free to come up with your own design which can suit your personal taste. Simply take the colored candles you want in your final DIY product and use the grate on them. Find out what are the required steps from start to finish and repeat them in your own home. Follow the photo-tutorial provided in the website and transform your décor into something that will look more colorful and customized to your personality.

DIY Grated Candles Tutorial – Sadaruchka

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