How to Make Herbal Bar Soap


Walking through the aisles of the supermarket filled with products of many brands gives you headaches? Well, you can do a lot of the foods and other products you find on the shelves in the comfort of your own house. Even cleaning products are easy to make at home. This next tutorial will show you how to make a herbal bar of soap! All you need as tools are a couple of bowls, some spoons, a thermometer and a digital scale. In terms of ingredients, grab some natural oils, herbs and essential oils. The photos will guide you through the hurdles of making a bar of soap, taking you step by step that will eventually result in an awesome piece of homemade soap. Try and see for yourself.. Check out all the 9 steps the link below…






How to make Herbal Bar Soap in 9 steps here….

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  1. Laura says:

    Can’t find a link! Boo. Looks interesting.

    • Laura says:

      Wow found it. Had to click the word “here” – suggestion: underline or make it blue. Thanks for the recipe. Very interesting.

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