How to Make Succulent Cupcakes

Succulents are among the cutest and delicate plants one can have in our home. Most of them have colorful flowers which will make every room look brighter and more cheerful. If succulents are among your favorite plants, you are really going to love these beautiful cupcakes. They are decorated in a way that resembles the look of succulent plants and can be a cool idea for a birthday party or get-together with friends. They might be hard to make at a first glance, but you can always invite your friends over and decorate the cupcakes together and double the fun.

Ally Bakes made some super cute succulent cupcakes and I am showing you how she made them. Enjoy!


A more in-depth tutorial on how to pipe the succulents

Credit photo: bakedbyjin 

Credit Videos: Ally Bakes 

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