How To Make These Cozy Blankets


Weekends are for relaxing, enjoying a nice meal and cuddling in your bed, alone or with your loved one. But on cold nights and rainy days, a comfy blanket can be more than welcomed. If you like to knit and want to make the ultimate blanket, then you will love this next idea. It’s a super thick and fluffy knitted blanket that will keep your warm and protected on cold days. Don’t get intimidated by the size of this blanket, as with a bit of patience and skills you can make it happen. You will need to invest in a bigger amount of yarn and a chunky knitting needle and you can start this great project right away. If you have kids, they are going to be so delighted by this huge blanket and you can snuggle with them all day. You can learn more about this project on the following… About these products, are made by a design studio called Ohhio. “Ohhio history began one year ago. Our creator, Anna, started experimenting with exceptionally soft and luxurious merino wool yarn. The material’s distinctive properties gave her a creative impulse to knit the first Ohhio blanket.”






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  1. Cloe.johnson says:

    Hi where can I buy the kit please
    Thank you

  2. Ruth says:

    Except for don’t do this unless you felt it because roving is not yarn and this will either fall apart or pill so badly that you’ll have birds of wool everywhere. Not to mention how heavy the blanket will be. There are WAYbeyyer ways to make a blanket that will last and be attractive to look at for longer than a few days.

    • Paul says:

      I think, Ruth, that they are not aiming it at people like us who can and do knit a lot. I look at that yarn and pattern and just roll my eyes. That weight of yarn would be a nightmare.

  3. daynia says:

    Want to learn how to make these

  4. Jessica Howe says:

    How do I buy a kit or where can I ?

  5. Paul says:

    Seriously, knitting is not so hard that you need super-ultra-heavy yarn to make a blanket or afghan. Part of the pleasure of knitting or crocheting is the artistry and the depth of passion. The product is just the result of that passion.

  6. Donna says:

    I love your designs! Please email me some blankets that you’ve posted. I have 4 grandsons and they all want a blanket now! ~Sincerely your, Donna ♡

  7. Dana says:

    Your post says learn how to make these cozy blankets, yet it does not tell us how??

  8. Jane says:

    I agree, maybe it would make a better rug if you don’t have small children or pets. You would haft to use a different material all together, maybe tee-shirt strips that are sown together (but there are many ways, hence many patterns) idk I just find this a strange project… it’s more of a rug than blanket…..

  9. Dianne says:

    I was thinking the same thing. I want to learn how to make them

  10. Anthony says:

    You mean knitting snobs?

  11. Flo says:

    I cannot get through all the downloads to the instructions. Is this a scam or what?

    • Patty says:

      Scam? People, please pay attention to what you are reading. 1. They are not selling blankets 2 there is a tutorial video 3. If still interested yarn is sold by but just look at the $ and make an estimate. I rather use regular yard for a beautiful warm blanket. There are many, many designs to choose from in magazines and websites.

  12. beverly says:

    If you click on “next page” under the last picture, there is a video of her doing it. Just because YOU don’t like this idea, doesn’t mean the rest of us may not enjoy trying something new. I have knit and crocheted my whole life, but I am always open to new ideas. The woman made her own knitting needles out of pvc pipe for crying out loud!! It’s very rude to come on here and insult her creativity, if you don’t like it…move on.

    • Pamela Abdullah says:

      Thank you. Very well said. I love these. I have also crocheted all my life and have yet to learn to knit. I love these blankets and will enjoy the challenge and learn a new skill thanks to an amazing woman’s creativity and her willingness to share her idea and some instructions. Love it!! I am sooooo excited to try it!

    • Cynthia says:

      This is roving wool. It is NOT suitable for this type of knitting. Roving wool needs to be felted so it doesn’t fall apart. It’s not going to be able to be used at all. It will snag and shed on everything. If you wash it, it will just fall apart. Please do some outside research away from this post before you waste money doing this. Roving wool costs a lot of money.

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