How to Make Your Own BBQ Using a 55-gallon Honey Barrel


Every time you see those barbeque barrels, you are just filled with envy? No need to that anymore. Because we have the ultimate solution for your outdoor cooking habits: how to build your own BBQ Barrel. Actually, this particular project is something for the environment as well. By following the instructions below, you not only get a dream barbeque grill, but also reuse a barrel that would have only polluted the natural environment if thrown away in the dump. Make sure you have these materials on hand, in order to finish the project:

• a 55-gallon honey barrel;
• a grinder;
• chain-link fence posts;
• plywood;
• carriage bolts;
• a couple of stainless steel brackets and hinges;
• a couple of grills;
• a wooden dowel handle;
• air vent;
• temperature gauge;
• (optional) high heat resistant paint;


Step 1: The Prep Build-Your-Own-BBQ-Barrel-4

Step 2: Constructing the stand Build-Your-Own-BBQ-Barrel-5


2 Responses to “How to Make Your Own BBQ Using a 55-gallon Honey Barrel”

  1. Robert says:

    “Step 4: Burn off the inside”

    This is all it says about safety. Wow. Epoxy resins, hazardous materials, etc, do not always burn off completely, nor do they burn cleanly. If the barrel has a resin coating (common for food containers), do not use. Nor if it may have contained something other than food. This should be “common sense” but unfortunately….

  2. josh says:

    While I do agree that not all things burn off well there it’s a trick that you carb do in order to use any kind puff metal barrel regardless what was in it… get you one off those listings hand held now torches and burn the inside slowly heading the metal to to around 550 degrees and that will take any contaminants that still remain out of the metal.

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