How To Remake Broken Crayons Into New Ones


If you remember these things from your childhood, than you might have had a lot of fun with them. When the most important objective for the day was drawing that cartoon character in the most accurate way possible, you couldn’t have noticed that crayons – such an important tool in most of our coloring adventures – were slowly breaking away. Sure, when this would happen right in the middle of the coloring session, it seemed the world had given you a kick. When this happens to your kid, make sure you show them that change is good and reusing an object is an essential part to their future DIY projects and activities. So, quickly grab a muffin pan and take what has left of the broken crayon in order to make a new one! It’s that easy! Read the steps you have to go through and you too could turn broken crayons into new ones in a matter of minutes. The coloring can now continue uninterrupted!




Easy DIY: Turn broken crayons into new ones

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