How To Transfer an Old VHS Tape to Your Computer


If you caught the 90s in your youth or older, then you’ll definitely know what VHS tapes are all about. With the ever changing world, technology is breaking new grounds every single day. That’s why if you want to save some of your old VHS tapes, it is time to digitize them! Luckily, we have found just the right tutorial that will lead you to the desired result. It is so simple you will wonder why didn’t you try it before? Watch the video and see how the process works, step by step. After that, it will be so easy to replicate it in your home. Now, your VHS tapes can live on in the digital DVD form!

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  1. caren dutton says:

    Please help me I have 200 vhs tape what I want to put on dvd please and thank you

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