How To Turn A Can Tab Into A Survival Fish Hook


In survival situations and times of crisis a fish hook can come in handy, especially if you ever get lost in a forest and have to fish for your food. With this very cool trick you can turn a can tab into a fishing hook in less than 10 minutes. The tools you’ll need should be a part of your survival kit. To make the hook you’ll need: a can tab, file and wire cutter. First of all, you will need to cut an opening in the can tab, so you can start shaping your hook afterwards. Cut around the hook closely, so you remove all the metal and then use the file to shape the hook and make it really sharp. Be careful not to hurt yourself in the process. After that check the back of the hook and make sure it is the top of the tab can is intact, as you will need to tie the line here so you can start finishing. In the end you will have a very useful tool, which will prove to be really helpful in situations of emergency.





Here’s the link for more details…[Instuctables]

4 Responses to “How To Turn A Can Tab Into A Survival Fish Hook”

  1. k dunphy says:

    If you did get lost while toting an emergency survival kit with a wire cutter, pliers, file, and fish line, would it not also contain fish hooks ??

    • Naekiddin says:

      lol, exacty what k dunphy said, if you had all the other kit why would you not have a hook in there?

  2. Dave says:

    Fold several hooks and a couple of flies in a book of matches. Wrap the match book with 30 feet of 6 lbs. Mono. Put in a zip lock sandwich bag an carry it anytime you are in the woods. Or on the water. Also get in the habit of carrying a good pocket knife. Wear a wrist band made from paracord as well. You have enough right there to survive under most circumstances.

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