How to Turn an Old TV Stand Into a Cool Dress Up Makeover


You don’t notice it, but a personal space for girls to prepare themselves before going out is of upmost importance to youngsters and teens growing up. You should be careful though, you don’t want to steal some of the childhood experience, meaning giving your little girl grown-up things and furniture is a mistake. That’s why we thought this little girl dress-up nook will prove very useful and practical for several years. Achieving a similar result with the one you see in the pictures is simple if you have an old TV stand or cabinet. The transformation is quite easy and you only need to know how to paint, drill and tighten some screws. The light fixture (powered by batteries) will give the whole setting an authentic dress-up corner. Find what you have to do from the tutorial provided and offer the best to your kid! Pin it!!



Dress Up Makeover- Tutorial by Sophia Grace & Co

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