How to Turn An Unused Space Into Something Useful


Haven’t you craved for a room in which you can do all of your work or have a designated place for your kid to play, but your home doesn’t have the space for it? The owners of the townhouse you see in the photo had an amazing idea! They’ve created an extra place for play or office stuff by using the ceiling space above their entrance door. This great example of how you can make use of every inch of your home can be furnished with a nice cabinet, desk and plenty of toys. The workload is substantial, with all the installing of the floors, support beans and railing, but the paintjob is in place making it much easier than a complete overhaul of a regular room. A few decorations in place and the creative corner is now completed. Check out all of the pictures with the finished result. It looks truly amazing and inspiring! Before & After !!!!






  • Keith on said:

    Hi, I just came across your site, and saw this particular post about the unused space over the stairwell. The idea was brilliant and my wife and I want to do something similar in our home. The photos provide a very basic understanding of what was done. but it would be very helpful to see additional photos of the build in progress, if there are any. If the person who posted the oriiginal pics wouldn’t mind, could they email me any additional photos that were taken during the build?

    Thanks again for posting the idea!


  • So just please give me your ideas free of charge because I’m too cheap as well. I’m another person who wants a Ferrari on a yugo budget.

  • I am a remodeling contractor with several decades experience, this is a extremely dangerous design and it is irresponsible to post this on the internet.

  • Steve on said:

    Quote: “I am a remodeling contractor with several decades experience, this is a extremely dangerous design and it is irresponsible to post this on the internet.”
    TRANSLATION: I want people to have to pay me to do things like this.

    • Carrie on said:

      Your “translation” is pretty dumb. It’s not his post, he is a professional who simply stated that this type of design is dangerous. He isn’t trolling for business, he is trying to keep people safe.

  • Amber on said:

    How do you think upstairs floors are made? You don’t see brackets holding it up front the ground floor🤦‍♀️

  • Deshawn Claybourne on said:

    You did great! You do not need a builder for this simple project, or “architect”. Lmao Your not building a mega structure, good job gentlemen. Any dad with beer and a drill (and level) should be able to do this. Stop hating on the guy!!

  • Chasity on said:

    Since everyone seems to be a know it all, im sure you know these people knowing there kid was going to be in there took the proper steps to make sure it was safely built!! Guess you negative Nancy who were there must have missed that part! Futher more you have no idea what they put underneath bc you can’t see it so stop hate’n & being jealous trolling asshole it’s just simply showing an idea of how to use up unused space. Why can’t ppl just be like oh that’s cool but just not for me!

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