How To Un-Shrink Your Clothes


Sometimes when you wash your clothes, these can shrink and become unwearable. This can happen especially in case of cotton items, if they are washed in hot water and dried afterwards. In many cases, the only remaining option is to either throw these out or give them to a child. But what if you would still like to wear these clothes? Well, there is a trick that will magically unshrink your favorite clothes and make them look like they were new. You can do this process at home, by using water and hair conditioner, two items that you surely have in your household. The reaction between the cotton and the hair conditioner will do the magic trick and unshrink your tiny clothes. For the entire tutorial and a step by step guide through this technique, please visit the following link. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family too!

unshrink-1 source: WhoWhatWear

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