‘Humblest Christmas Tree’ Bought for 6p in 1920 Sells for £3,400 at Auction

Sold at auction for over £3,400, the world’s humblest Christmas tree, purchased for a mere 6p in 1920, has a fascinating story behind its simple yet cherished existence. Standing at 79cm (31in), adorned with 25 branches, 12 berries, and six miniature candle holders, the unassuming tree rests in a small, red-painted wooden base featuring a modest decorative emblem. Originally procured by the family of eight-year-old Dorothy Grant, this tree played a central role in their Christmas celebrations until Dorothy’s passing at the age of 101. Following her death in 2014, the tree was handed down to her daughter, Shirley Hall, 84.

Initially expected to fetch between £60 and £80, the unpretentious Christmas tree surpassed all predictions, selling for a remarkable £3,411 at the auction conducted by Hansons. Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons and a familiar face on BBC’s Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, and Antiques Road Trip, characterized it as one of the earliest Christmas trees of its kind. Reflecting on the tree’s significance, Hanson emphasized the power of nostalgia, highlighting Dorothy’s enduring connection to the simple yet beloved decoration. He underscored the timeless lesson the tree teaches about the value of appreciating simplicity over extravagance during the holiday season, embodying a sentiment that transcends generations.

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