ICON 3D Prints Tiny Homes for the Homeless in Austin

ICON is a groundbreaking construction technologies company, that is revolutionizing the way homes are built. The company uses 3D printers, software, and robotics to provide shelters for the homeless and create safe spaces for them to live comfortably. In their mission of helping the less fortunate, they joined forces with Mobile Loaves & Fishes, which is a non-profit based in Austin.

They have been working work a long time with the local homeless community and know very well the struggles they are facing each day and how their lives could be improved. ICON’s most recent project is a “Welcome Center” which was commissioned by Cielo Property Group and they managed to build a 3D printed 500 square feet house in less than 27 hours.

The neighborhood they created is called Community First! Village and offers affordable housing for vulnerable homeless persons.

The plan is to further expand the village with an additional 24 acres so it can welcome 480 homeless persons. The great advantage of making 3D printed houses is that it increases the building speed and reduces costs, by making sure at the same time the constructions are also highly resilient.


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