Ideas for Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces And Yards



An often-made mistake is that a garden requires a large surface. Truth is you can have fruit, vegetables and flowers even if you have a small space dedicated for these in your yard. The secret is to plan properly. And when you’ve done this, the options available for you open up to a wider range! Take a look at these ideas about gardening in small spaces. A raised garden is the most used form you can adopt for your own gardening project. The design featured on the next website can hold the weight of the soil tubs. This is just one solution from many, creative and useful at the same time. Choose which one suits your property and needs the best. A tiny yard isn’t an obstacle anymore in your effort to garden!


Container-Vegetable-Gardening-2 photo source: RaisedUrbanGardens

Vegetable Container Gardening



A how-to guide from the Seed to Stomach Project..Growing vegetables in containers is an easy way to experience the flavor and freshness of home-grown vegetables. Read more details in the next PDF guide…

9 Responses to “Ideas for Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces And Yards”

  1. michelle says:

    Been gardening in pots for years. Some years better than others. What is the best potting soil to buy and what mixture should i use. I change my soil every year.

    • deb says:

      I use Miracle Gro potting soil or Black Gold, which is cheaper and usually can be found at Big Lots, if you have those where you are. I live in a high clay lake bed area, so even our topsoil is clay-ish. I do not change my potting soil every year, but i do empty all containers into large bins and weather them over in the shed. Next spring, I mix in some fresh potting mix and slow release fertz (if I dont use MGro) and reuse it in cleaned pots. Good luck and happy growing!!

  2. Jerry says:

    Coco peat aka coco coir is probably the best base to use. You can mix in as much compost as you like. Then any fertilizer. I like the organic fertilizer with benifical microbes and calcium added in. You can find it in the large “mart” stores and hardware-based stores. Also you can reuse it as unlike potting mix or soill based on peat moss it will not break down much. Although I have never had a problem with peat moss many people seem to think it causes acidity problems.

  3. Linda says:

    I am so impressed with what your knowledge is on the potting garden. May I ask if it is possible for grow my own garlic and beets in the pot as well as zuchinni, your carrots picture is amazing to see and I am really impressed as I learn more every day. Is it too late in the season to start the growing process? I seem to do well with flowers but food kind of scares me….go figure!!!
    Thank you and I would sure appreciate your input.


  4. Alison says:

    I tried container gardening for the first time, this year. The self-watering containers were too expensive, so I bought four designer-type plastic storage tubs for less than $5 each, and watched a youtube how-to video to make my own. At my local gardening center, I bought four bags of organic potting soil, and at my local organic farm, I bought three bags of organic compost. Into each container, I added 60% potting soil to 40% organic compost (a ratio recommended by the organic farmer), then planted organic bulbs and seeds in like-clusters all but on top of each other — versus “row” planting typical to most farmer fields and large, back yard vegetable gardens. It was all a great experiment, to see how much mileage I’d get out of the nutrient-dense compost. All I’ve done so far is add water to the reservoir daily (sometimes twice daily), and boy oh boy is it paying off in fruitful dividends. I haven’t even had to pull a single weed from any of the containers — there are none. None! I’ll definitely be container gardening again next year! I love it!

  5. Ruby says:

    I live in the interior of Alaska and would truly like some ideas.

  6. Caroline Andrews says:

    I’ve used a lot of different ones over the last 30 years. This year I switched to Fox Farm, and I’ve never seen my tomatoes and other plants grow so well and so fast.

  7. BEV says:

    We do container gardening in 5 gallon pails for tomatoes& thins year lettuce Swiss chard & spinach in smaller regular pots I have also grown all kinds of vegies in raised permanent beds That are 4′ x 8 ‘ & 30 ” with gravels at bottom for drainage,(1/3 ) regular soil, 1/3) & beautiful (top soil (top 1/3) I regularly put compost in & mix the dirt .Yo never walk on it & so you only do weed thugs th first year & not much after that. I also plant in “Square foot gardening ” (there is an excellent book by Bartholomew I think it is at library ? ) pattern. It helps so stop weeds & gives a huge area for the veggies In my #2 Climate (CANADA) & it warms up fast in spring & is very late in freezing & I can use old storm widows or plastic to cover it if I want to extend the seasons spring or fall !

  8. Katie says:

    I have a rabbit & mole problem so trying container growing this yr. Using cpl tips

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