Ideas for Toys and Activities to Entertain Your Chickens

Looking for an activity for all breeds and ages of chickens to use in the coop? Reducing coop boredom and bringing smiles to the people that care for them…Take a look below…

1. T-REX Chicken Arms

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2. Rainbow Chicken Tutu

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3.Have a pet chicken you’d like to take for a walk? Now You Can With This Chicken Harness

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4. Keep Your Chickens Happy With This Chicken Swing!

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 5. Chickens playing the xylophone

by Kris Garrett Parker, Colorado

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29 Responses to “Ideas for Toys and Activities to Entertain Your Chickens”

  1. Cora Sponds says:

    Chickens should not be on a harness. Insanity!

  2. Mari says:

    Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick eeeeiii, eeeeiiii oooooo!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Chicken in a harness!? This is wrong on so many levels!! Chickens will never leave their area, and always return to their coop before dark to roost….let them be natural..DO NOT HARNESS THEM! what is wrong with you people!!

    • Donna Price says:

      My neighbor has two as pets that travel everywhere with them you isolated chicken monster

    • Dani says:

      I see your point Rebecca, but sometimes kids who are in 4-H put their chickens in a harness to protect the chickens from running off and getting hurt. Also, many educational events that schools, libraries, zoos, etc. also put on harness on animals to keep from getting hurt. Yes, just to put in a harness, that is not a good thing. Thanks for sharing your compassion. 🙂

  4. Bob says:

    Just what I need at 5 am. Crowing and a xylophone. What a fantastic idea! ? ? ? ? ? ???

  5. Valerie Smith says:

    Was hoping there would be a longer list. My girls are just bored sometimes.

    • Krisy goodwin says:

      I hang greenery on a rope that swings, eg big cabbage with full leaves or anything the enjoy pecking at , I try and pick one the still has bugs. Also an ice cream container with filled with something that goes off that will produce maggots that will fall thru to the ground

    • Hope says:

      You could put a wire clothes hanger through a head of cabbage and hang it for them, i do this, also during hot months, freeze unsalted canned corn in ice cubes and let them peck away

  6. Jennifer Ryan says:

    @Valerie Smith try cutting up apples or other fruit and veg and filling a suet feeder with them. Gives them something to peck at besides each other. I’ve also hung frozen corn cobs for entertainment.

  7. JK says:

    I would maybe add cabbage hung from the ceiling as something for them to do to keep them entertained, or hide meal worms in their bedding to get them super excited to scratch. Another thing I’ve read about is getting an oversized suet cake feeder and putting tasty treats in it for them to pick away at. My gals are currently really bored, too. I may invest in the xylophone. That was incredibly clever 🙂

  8. tennie says:

    Now I am Hungry

  9. Deanna says:

    we have the shape sorter blocks in a tub hanging on the wall and they pull them out and peck at them. We have to pick them up everyday and put them back in the tub. we also have plactic round circles hanging from the ceiling to peck and nudge. mostly they like music – it entertains them very well

  10. Tiny says:

    Hey this is great!!! Also, hang a cabbage from a string and watch them play ball! Seriously though, boredom may be the reason this last flock of chickens peck each other so bad. They look like year-round molt. I’ve tried everything–it’s not fleas or bugs.

  11. Lynda Denson says:

    I love the idea of the xylophone and the swings! I’ve never tried this, but I wonder if they would like some wind chimes hung low enough for them to peck at them…I was thinking of the long metal tube chimes….

  12. Lynda Denson says:

    I love the idea of the xylophone and the swings! I’ve never tried this, but I wonder if they would like some wind chimes hung low enough for them to peck at them…I was thinking of the long metal tube chimes….

  13. Tiffany says:

    Try Amazon. Com for ideas for chicken toys

  14. Kim clemons says:

    An old wives tale that works for me for my chickens when they’re not looking real healthy is to give them chopped up onion. Plain old white or yellow onion. You can give that to them every day. And it will not pass through in the flavor of the eggs. An old Hispanic guy told me this and I’ve done it and it works. I usually just mix mine in with the scratch feed or whatever feed you use. Try it! Your hens will fluff out and look healthy in no time.

  15. Gale says:

    From what I’ve read on many sites that corn not good to feed chickens when it’s hot outside being the chickens get hotter while digesting the corn. Naturally the ice obviously helps keep them cool, but the corn added may be defeating your cooling efforts in the long run? Might want to consider a different treat to freeze in your ice cubes? Least something to think about in the future if there’s a better choice to use? We been cutting up watermelon in cubes and freezing them to give the chickens as well and seems to work well with our chickens

  16. Gale says:

    Onions really? I have read other post that have said onions are not good for chickens so I’ve always avoided giving it to my chickens! I so hate this conflicting information and you don’t know what to believe is actually true? Guess I’ll have to try a little onion now and see how my chickens do?

  17. Helen says:

    My hens just looove their swing

  18. Amy Smith says:

    They are chickens. It’s nice if someone wants to spend extra time with them.

  19. Danielle says:

    Calm down Karen.

  20. Afrika says:

    nee to ad the t rex arms to the harness 😉

  21. heather walter says:

    ferrets where harness all the time

  22. Jackie says:

    My granddaughters Silkies runs to her when she sees her harness. She runs away when she sees my granddaughter coming with the tutu.

  23. Stephen Stephenson says:


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