iKamper Skycamp DLX Four-Person Rooftop Tent Arrives With LED Lighting, Inflatable Mattress, and Cork Flooring

iKamper’s latest offering, the Skycamp DLX, sets a new standard in rooftop tent camping by catering to those without pickup trucks, expanding the horizons for group adventures. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Skycamp 3.0, the DLX introduces a host of customer-preferred aftermarket features that transform the camping experience. Encased in a sleek black hardshell body, this deluxe rooftop tent unveils a spacious interior equipped with LED mood lighting, an inflatable mattress for unparalleled comfort, and cork flooring for insulation and noise reduction. Transitioning effortlessly from a compact drive mode to a sprawling living space, the DLX boasts a rugged construction featuring a Rocky Black textured matte black fiber-reinforced shell and a durable aluminum honeycomb base. Its versatility extends to compatibility with various vehicle types, thanks to a universal mounting system, while full blackout privacy ensures a restful sleep under any conditions.

As dusk falls, the DLX transforms into an inviting oasis with integrated colored LED lights illuminating the interior, controllable via remote, while exterior LED strips guide the way up the ladder. Multiple windows and a skylight provide ample natural light and ventilation, enhancing the camping experience. With the convenience of an inflatable mattress and ample interior storage, bedtime becomes a comfortable affair, setting the stage for rejuvenating nights amidst nature’s embrace. Available in two configurations, the Skycamp DLX caters to both families and couples, offering an escape into the wilderness without compromising on luxury. Priced competitively at $5,150 for the four-person variant and $4,450 for the two-person option, iKamper’s Skycamp DLX invites outdoor enthusiasts to embark on unforgettable adventures, redefining the art of rooftop tent camping.

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