Illustrated Cloud Creatures Creep Through Rural Landscapes Like Gigantic Ghosts

Never underestimate the power of a great illustration as it can transport you into magical lands. Barcelona-based Vorja Sanchez is a very talented artist, who creates the most fascinating illustrations of misty creatures, and they are featured in his series called Interventions.
In his works, he transforms rural landscapes and completes them with ghost-like creatures looking over misty mountains and green forests.
The creatures look peaceful and friendly as if they were the protectors of nature and are solely there to ensure the viewer that the land is in good hands.
Sanchez begins his process by taking pictures in the countryside and then draws the illustrations using a fine-line pen with white ink.
The creatures all look as they have emerged from the fog only to embrace the hills and forests with their long limbs.
Sanchez’s creatures appear to be shy and reserved, revealing themselves in the mist and being only mere observers of human interactions.
If you find Sanchez’s work captivating, you can see more illustrations on his website and even order a print via his online shop.

Vorja Sánchez: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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