Improve Your Health Naturally With Sauna Barrel


Everyone knows that sauna is beneficial for health, sauna plus multidisciplinary treatment may reduce chronic pain more effectively than multidisciplinary treatment alone. I found an amazing structure for sauna, an gigantic barrel built in Canada and that are available as a <do it yourself> kit to be reassembled in your chosen location. The unique cooperage barrel design provides a much superior steam and heat circulation, and allows this sauna to be quickly installed in any room. The barrel design has 23% less air volume to heat and the round corners naturally circulate the heat evenly. This sauna comes with a tempered glass tinted window with an insulated cedar door, other used materials are Eastern White Cedar (EWC) , Tight Knot Western Red Cedar and Clear Western Red Cedar.

Top 10 health benefits of sauna use:

  • Relieves Stress
  • Relaxes Muscles and Soothes Aches and Pains in Muscles and Joints
  • Flushes Toxins
  • Cleanses Skin
  • Induces a Deeper sleep
  • Recreational and Social Benefits
  • Improves Cardiovascular Performance
  • Burns Calories
  • Fights Illness 
  • Feels Good










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