In Great Barrier Reef, Amazing Photos Captured Of World’s Only Known Pink Manta Ray

The underwater world is so diverse and there are so many fascinating creatures living in deep waters, that we still don’t know much about. Deep-see photographs and videos are always captivating and you never know what you’ll stumble upon.
These very rare images were taken by a Finnish photographer, named Kristian Laine and have caught the attention even of marine biologists. Laine managed to take a picture of the world’s only known pink manta ray and since he is such a rare and mysterious sighting, he received the name Inspector Clueso.
This pink manta lives close to Lady Elliot Island, in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and he was first observed in 2015 by a diver. Marine biologists estimate that Inspector Clueso weighs about 2 tonnes and has a wingspan of 7 meters. Laine explained that his photography is among the rarest images ever of Inspector Clueso as there have been only about 10 sightings of the manta ray since that first one in 2015.
The amazing fact is that the photographer managed to get as close as one meter to the ray and the whole experience lasted around 30 minutes. The pictures speak for themselves and the majesty of this unique creature is undeniable.




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  1. John Senkler says:

    Thats awsome except for seeing what us as humans have done to the barrier reef. What a terrible species we are!

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