Incredible footage scuba diver comes across an ancient-looking sea turtle

The deep sea is home to a lot of mysterious creatures that have developed special features due to the lack of sunlight. To survive in the deep ocean waters, the inhabitants of it have adapted to the conditions and one lucky scuba diver came across something very special.
When he decided to take his camera underwater, he encountered an ancient-looking sea turtle and captured this unique moment for posterity. The diver is a member of a conservation group and submerged in the San Marcos River in Texas to learn more about the hidden creatures of deep waters.
The footage took the Internet by surprise and raise a lot of awareness for the conservation project.
As it can be seen from the video, the turtle is quite old and covered in algae, but it has eyes of very vibrant color.
The diver wasn’t surprised at all at the sight of the turtle, as the group already suspected it lives down there and went there to document its habitat.

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