Ingenious Lego-Style Apartment Transforms Into Infinite Spaces


Lacking inspiration for your small apartment? These 258 square feet of pure creativity will really impress you and give you the boost necessary to make your own home this awesome. Located in Barcelona, Spain, on the top of a 5 floor building, this unique apartment has a system of fold-down furniture that makes any tiny space absolutely habitable. The owner said he got his own inspiration from interior design magazines and wanted his home to be fitted for his needs. That’s why every piece is hidden behind wooden panels. It’s almost like a big LEGO house in which you can move piece according to your needs of the moment. You want to have a dinner, you pull down the table, you want to take a nap, you pull out the bed. The kitchen is literally a push of a finger away. Everything is so accessible that you can open up the fridge from the bed! Take a look at the video featured and draw all the inspiration you need to make your own interior design look this goo. Or if you feel so attracted by it, you can move in it because it can be purchased – but you have to be in Barcelona for that.



2 Responses to “Ingenious Lego-Style Apartment Transforms Into Infinite Spaces”

  1. snehpritamsingh says:

    All your home designs and crafts making at home are really wonderful to make and helpful to all art lovers.thanks.

  2. Vincent Cuccaro says:

    I also live in a small home 284sq.ft.approx.But far from the ingenious use of space that you have created. I am a carpenter.Your home blows me away.The concept is genious the wokmanship more so.The level of craftsmananship is.excellent.Did you do the work?I wish there was footage of it all being built.I cannot even imagine thework involved pre-construction in bringing materials and power tols up 5 flights….Joy to you and good health.

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