Innovative Window That Converts Into A Balcony


When it comes to home design, here you can find the most innovative solutions for your home. What we have here is an innovative, large window whose sashes when opened crate a balcony in the loft.Manufactured by Farko company, one of the world’s leading roof window manufacturers with 15% share of the global market, this window can be perfect for every loft.

The upper sash is opened steplessly upwards. The bottom sash tilts forwards to a vertical position, allowing free access to the balcony recess. It is enough to take a few steps in order to get “outside” and feel the warmth of the sun rays, refreshing breeze or admire beautiful views.The window features a multi-point locking system, without a traditional locking assembly. After turning the handle, the sash is locked at two sides of the frame.Large sizes of the balcony window let plenty of natural light into the room. The window is equipped with an automatic air inlet V40P ensuring the optimum amount of fresh air in the room and energy savings.Balcony windows are available in size 94x255cm along with universal flashings. Installed in the roofs with pitches between 35º and 55º.


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