Inspiration For A Beautiful Interior Design


Living in a villa doesn’t necessarily mean a luxurious design and an extravagant décor. This residence in Sao Paolo shows that you can live in style with a simple design and simple furniture. The 680 ft² home has 2 bedrooms and the softest neutral colors designers might use in a home design. The decorations, although they might seem cluttered together, they are actually wisely chosen, so the neutrality of the wall coloring is made whole by the decorations. With a large open living area which made the transition from kitchen to dining to lounging spaces very natural and almost unnoticeable. Recreation is something the designers thought of as well, so they featured a playground, ballroom and solarium for the inhabitants and guests in the house alike. With an adult pool and barbecue space, you might be tempted to visit the villa and never leave it again. Browse through the photos and feel free to contact a designer to make your home look more like this. You won’t regret it.









Vila Ema São Paulo

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  1. Muhammad Arfan says:

    Waooo , very nice specially kitchen and small girl bedroom nice interior and color.

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