Interesting Underground Homes


Since Dark Ages, people have used the natural gaps in Earth to shelter from rain and threats. Caves at first, excavations came later, and finally the over-ground building. But nowadays, underground homes are coming back in fashion. Just like their counterparts made of concrete, bricks and modern cut stones, underground houses are found in a large variety: from constructed caves to culvert homes, to elevation dwellings to atrium ones. It’s a whole rainbow of underground residences in the world; and reasons for living in one as well.
Eco-efficiency and better security is just a couple of the main motives people choose to built their home using the natural landscape around them. A minimal environmental impact and low maintenance is what drives the need to build below the ground. Take a look at some of these underground homes. You will find inspiration to drawing up your own.

Underground-home-design-1Underground home in South Uist, Scotland

Underground-home-design-2Underground home in Sierre, Switzerland

Underground-home-design-3Underground home (living room) in Sierre, Switzerland

Underground-home-design-4Underground home (bedroom) in Sierre, Switzerland


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