These Interlocking Tubes Connect Like Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever wanted to just float around in the pool, without floating away from your group of friends? Well, with these new interlocking floaties that won’t ever be an issue again, as you can keep both your friends and your enemies close. Sure, relaxing on floaties or tubes is fun, but it can’t compare with doing this together with your group of friends.
Some clever people figured out how to create the best pool party, and designed the interlocking pool tubes called „Fluzzle Tube 4.0” and they fit together perfectly, just like pieces of a puzzle. All of the tubes have a backrest so you can sit comfortably and enjoy a chat, but you can also take your drink with you as it has 2 cup holders. Each of the tubes can be connected to four other float tubes and they are made from environmentally safe 16-gauge vinyl.
The tubes are made to endure harsh weather and last over time, so you won’t have to worry about changing them every year. Such an amazing design that can be easily inflated as well as deflated if you want to put them away in a storage unit at the end of the pool season.



Patented Interlocking Inner Tube Floatie brings you the most fun you will ever have connecting with your friends and family on the water!

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